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I see the reflection of someone else

alone boy

The first year:
I look at you and see my reflection in your eyes.
The second year:
I look at you and see the reflection of
Our entire family, our future.
The third year:
I see the reflection of someone else.
It’s amazing how things change so fast.

Friendship is not just a meeting

two boys

Friendship is not just meeting,
with someone and going into conversations.
Friendship is a relation, a bond, a journey,
and above all, a language.
You don’t need to tell me what you’re feeling.
You just need to look at me and I will know what’s wrong.

The beauty of the morning

morning sun rays

The beauty of the morning,
is not in the freshness of the atmosphere.
It is in the freshness of your thoughts and feelings,
and how you wish to start your day.
Good Morning!
Make it a special day.

I am missing you now

girl waiting for boy

When you left you said we’ll meet tomorrow,
and it looked that tomorrow is not far.
But now that I am missing you,
and every minute feels like a decade.
It seems that tomorrow is centuries away.

There are a lot of things I need

love on bridge

There are a lot of things I need.
I need to be noticed and to be appreciated.
To be the one you call when you need anything.
To be free and completely me.
But most of all,
I need to know that
You love me.

The night is your day’s present

couple in night

The night is magical and pleasant,
At home or outside with the city lights.
The night is your day’s present,
A reward for your effort and fights.
So, spend it the way you like
And have a good night!

I have not forgotten you

never forget

I don’t send you a text message every day,
to remind you that I am here.
I do it to remind you that I have not forgotten you.

Have a cup of coffee and a good morning

girl in morning window

Hello, sweet friend of mine,
The sun will be shining for you today.
Everything will be just fine,
Don’t be afraid to go on your way.
Have a cup of coffee and a good morning!
And in your game you will be scoring.

You are so precious to me

fathers day wish for a precious father

Your love for me like fragrance came from distance,
Healed me when I’m wounded.
Your love for me like morning sun rays,
Wake me up, made me strong.
No one will give me such safe and cared feeling.
On this special day I want to let you know that,

You are my best friend

friends together

You’re my best friend,
I can’t even imagine how close you are to me.
I can only say that,
sometimes I tell you secrets,
that I can’t seem to share with myself.
And this secret is one of them.