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How amazing is the whole space

how amazing is the whole space

The sun is rising,
And slightly tickles your face.
The birds are singing,
The sky is so beautiful and clear.
How amazing is the whole space.
Have a good morning dear!

You have woken up into another morning

sun rise

You have woken up into another morning.
It’s another chance to make sad people happy,
forgive who did wrong to you,
and say sorry to those who you might have hurt.
Happy Morning!

Join the singing of the birds

morning tree

Join the singing of the birds,
Join the tapping of the walkers,
Join the whispering of the wind,
Join the melody of the waters ,
It’s the music of the morning.
Good Morning!

The beauty of the morning

morning sun rays

The beauty of the morning,
is not in the freshness of the atmosphere.
It is in the freshness of your thoughts and feelings,
and how you wish to start your day.
Good Morning!
Make it a special day.

Have a cup of coffee and a good morning

girl in morning window

Hello, sweet friend of mine,
The sun will be shining for you today.
Everything will be just fine,
Don’t be afraid to go on your way.
Have a cup of coffee and a good morning!
And in your game you will be scoring.

The day is ready to come in

morning meal

I woke up today with the thought of you.
I wanted to see how you are doing.
The sun is rising and the sky is blue.
The day is ready to come in.
Responsibilities come with no warning,
But you will make it.
Have a Good Morning!

Start the day with a really good morning

morning sky

Do you hear the birds’ singing?
Do you feel the sun is coming?
Are you up or still sleeping?
Do you feel the day starts running?
So get up, free your power and longing.
Start the day with a really good morning!

Another day is coming

morning garden

Another day is coming,
and we can see how beautiful it is.
Have a good morning and be happy!

Welcome to a new day

girl with a bicycle in morning

Good Morning! Welcome to a new day.
You could make it another boring and routinely day,
or you could make it different by being different.
The good thing is that,
the morning gives you the options and the time to decide.

Sugar is sweeter

morning girl

Your smile makes sugar sweeter,
Your cry makes my heart weaker,
Your eyes makes life better,
Your mind makes a fool brighter,
Good morning my dear!