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dear MATH,,
grow up & solve your own problems

Let’s fly together

Let’s fly together,
over chocolate lakes,
and ice cream mountains.
Good night!

A tear racing down your face

A tear racing down your face,
A feeling that no one can erase.
Every tear however, stands hand in hand with a smile,
It makes you feel better, and this life worthwhile.

Don’t wait for opportunity – Create it

Don’t wait for time
Don’t wait for money
Don’t wait for the path
Don’t wait for opportunity

What is education

What is education?
It is process of,
wasting one fourth of your life,
learning how to waste,
the remaining three fourth…

Beauty is not how you look

Beauty is not how you look,
It is not how handsome u r,
It is not ur figure too…
Beauty is the inner self,
so now u go and change ur underwear…

Live for the person who dies for you

Live for the person who dies for you,
Smile for the person who cries for you,
Fight for the person who protects you,
& love the person who loves you more than you..!

Difference between ‘U’ and ‘I’

What is the difference between ‘U’ and ‘I’…
‘U’ is a curved line and ‘I’ is a straight line…

Say GoodNight

Touch ur heart;
Close ur eyes;
Make a wish;
Say GoodNight;
Sky so wide,
Stars so bright,
Turn off the lights,
and say Good Night

What iS gr8 love ?

What iS gr8 love ?
Its wen u hide tears n still care 4 her .
Its wen she ignores u n u still LOVE her .
Its wen she begins love someone else

n u still SMILE