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I Just want 2 Say that I rememberd u

i mean GoodEvening
i mean GoodNight hmmm..
i think..time is not important
i Just want 2 Say that i rememberd u.

Good Night dear friend

Another day ends and
we look forward 2 a new day
with great anticipation.

But a true friendship never ends
whatever the passage of time.
Good Night dear friend.

Get Well Basket

Although you have not asked,
I made you a little get-well basket.
Open the basket and see what you’ve got,
Support, love, and compassion straight from my heart.
It is not edible, but it means a lot.


Possessiveness is the word,
which has more number of “S”,
but says “NO” for most of the things…

smile of your lips are sweeter

smile of your lips are sweeter
laugh of your lips are brighter
words from ur lips are happier
msg from u are softer n greater

Before this year ends

Before this year ends,
let me thank,
all the good people,
like you who made,
this year beautiful for me.
I pray you blessed with faithful years ahead!
Happy New Year.

love has power to join anyone’s life

knife has power to kill a life,
words have power to kill ur daily life,
love has power to join anyone’s life,
caring has power to save many life.

Alcohol & problems

I drink alcohol
to drown my problems
but unfortunately
problems are dame good swimmers…

My sms for your wakeup

7 wonderful couples of world…

7-heart & beat
6-rose & love
5-night & moon
4-music & song
3-fish & water
2-rain & peacock
1-my sms & ur cute smile…
Good Morning…

love changes its ways and living

paper changes its size and quality
but basic material is tree.
love changes its ways and living
but basic material is true loving heart