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The difference

Teacher: What is the difference between
Call Girl, Girlfriend and Wife.??
Student: replied
Prepaid, Postpaid, Unlimited.

A notice in a factory

A notice in a factory for girl workers:
If your skirt is long,
protect yourself from machines at work.
If it is short,
protect yourself from men at work.

Problem And Challenge

TEACHER: What is the Different
between Problem and Challenge????

3 Boys+ 1 Girl = Problem
1 Boy + 3 Girls = Challenge…

Wish you a many happy returns of the day

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.
May God bless you with health, wealth
and prosperity in your life.

Life ends when you stop dreaming…

Life ends when you stop dreaming,
Hope ends when you stop believing
Love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love…
Makes Life Beautiful…

Happy birthday and be fine

birthday cake

May people always treat you right,
You deserve to have all the happiness.
May your life is always bright,
May you never feel emptiness.
Happy birthday and be fine!

First I want to wish you a good morning

First I want to wish you a good morning

The night is over, a new day is coming.
New emotions, dreams, fights and longing,
The worlds is spinning, everyone will start running.
Me too, but first I want to wish you a good morning!

Love does not exist for real

boy alone with a bicycle

Somewhere I went wrong and cannot heal,
I live in a mess and I made it.
Yes, love does not exist for real,
Because we cannot create it again.

I swear I will love you forever

I swear I will love you forever

You can turn the ice into fire,
And make the world around me spinning.
You are good, beautiful and clever,
And I swear I will love you forever!

You are the best Mum

When whole world reject me,You were the only one to encourage me,
When whole world laugh at me,
You were there to make me brave,
You showed me path,
Gave me light,
Always you were my guiding star,
No words can express my love and gratitude for you,
You are the best Mum!