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Cannot Hide My Love

It has been so long,
With you nothing is wrong,
With you by my side,
My love I cannot hide.

Birthday wish for a brother

if lovers are like moon and
Brothers are like stars
then I have noticed that the sky looks good,
without moon
but not without stars

Happy Birthday brother!!!

Without a friend like you

without a friend like you

When I’m down I look up to you.
When I’m happy it’s because of you.
A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you.
Because I don’t know what my life would be like,
Without a friend like you.

Always wear your smile

Always wear your smile

May your heart be happy and warm
May you have success and delight
May you be unbreakable and strong
May you always win in every fight.
You can learn how to fly, even if it takes a while,
Happy birthday to you and always wear your smile!

friendship is like a tree

our friendship is like tree
how close vr, so much shade v give,
how thick vr, so much fruits we give,
when v hate each other, so much homes v give,
no matter how close r far vr, vr made for each other,

good morning dear friend,

The Best Day

Colorful cakes and gifts,
We will play your favorite music hits,
Wish you the best day!
Happy birthday is what I am here to say.

girls have a strong heart

girls have a strong heart
boys have broken heart
never love any girl’s heart
when u love they break ur heart

love is beautiful

your love is wonderful
our life will b beautiful
stay with me life full
n lets spread our name world full

Father’s Day Wish from Mum

I have always loved that beautiful spirit you always had,
You have always been a great husband, and a wonderful dad,
The kids are happy to call you a dad, and I am happy to be your wife,
Your family loves you, and we love that you are part of our life.

I wish theses wishes last for an eternity

I wish that you wish the most beautiful wish,
And that nothing can diminish this wish.
I wish you love, wealth, and serenity,
And I wish theses wishes last for an eternity.