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I put my dog out of the window

Do u remember the day we travelled in a car?
I put my dog out of the window,
u put ur face out,
then people started shouting

To be a “Good professional”

To be a “Good professional”,
always start to study late for “Exams”.
Because it teaches how to manage “Time”,
and tackle “Emergencies”!!

I love the sun,because it falls on you

I love the sun,because it falls on you.
I love the air,because it touches you,
I love my heart,because it loves you only you.

In the new Year

In the new Year,
may God would be your Best Friend,
He Loves you Deeper,
always Bless on You,
Always Guide You & Carry you…
Happy New Year.

Wish you good luck on your exams

Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season,
give your heart a beautiful reason to smile.
C of your life.
Good luck & all the best!

Welcome to Radio Bed FM

Welcome to Radio Bed FM
This Is DJ Bed sheet
Hanging Out With DJ Pillow
For now I’ll Play you a Song
SleepTyt Dozen Of
Sweet Dreams from the Album
and enjoy the Song.

Your Birthday

Some people like sunday,
Some people like monday,
However i just like only one day,
Its your birthday…
Happy Birthday!

Climb all your mountains in exams

Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller,
but it will make climbing easier.
Hope you will be able to climb all your mountains in exams always.

No LOve LOst No LOve FOUnd

you can keep knocking,
but wont lock me down,
no love lost,
no love found.

A girl phoned me

A girl phoned me
the other day and said …
“Come on over, there’s nobody home.”
I went over.
Nobody was home