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Problem And Challenge

TEACHER: What is the Different
between Problem and Challenge????

3 Boys+ 1 Girl = Problem
1 Boy + 3 Girls = Challenge…

Law Of Reverse Dynamics

Law Of Reverse Dynamics:
When A Man Becomes Rich
He Becomes Naughty &
When A Woman Becomes Naughty.
She Becomes Rich…

Swimming Is Prohibited

Officer: madam swimming is
prohibited in this lake.
Lady: then why didn’t you tell me
when I was removing my clothes?
Officer: well, that’s not prohibited.

Hold It Gently

Hold it gently
Put two fingers
if they don’t fit
Force them in
if the Hole is big enough
put three
move up & down
Ooh Yes..
Can U fill it?
That’s How You Wash A Glass…

Clean up your dirty mind…

Never kiss a lady Police

Never KISS a lady police,
She will say, hands up.
Never KISS a lady doctor,
She will say, Next please
Always KISS a school teacher
and she will say repeat it

He Took Me From A Bar

He took me from a bar
He took me in his car
He took my top off
He puts his lips on mine,
but don’t worry,
I’m a bottle of wine!


Define, Biology and sociology?
If new born baby looks like his father it is biology,
if he looks like his neighbor it is called sociology


Mom: How were you pregnant?
Daughter: This is our project in college about “Miracle of Life”
Mom: Tell me who is he?
Daughter: I don’t know, it was a group project

Bus Driver

A little kid walks into a city bus and sits right behind the driver and
starts yelling, “If my dad was a bull and my mom a cow I’d be a little

The Driver Ignored kids noise..

The Kid Continued, Till the Driver Gets Angry and said. “What if your dad was gay and your mom was a

The kid smiles and says, “I would be a bus driver like you!”

The difference

Teacher: What is the difference between
Call Girl, Girlfriend and Wife.??
Student: replied
Prepaid, Postpaid, Unlimited.