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Mom: How were you pregnant?
Daughter: This is our project in college about “Miracle of Life”
Mom: Tell me who is he?
Daughter: I don’t know, it was a group project

Love is a gamble

Love is a gamble,
Sex is a game,
Boyz do the thing
Girls get the blame,
1 night in pleasure
9 months of pain
1 day in hospital and
a junior needs a name

Thing which carries more weight

Teacher: Name the thing which carries more weight
but has vary less weight.

Student: ur braizer

Wife with his Friend in Bed

Man came home,
Saw his Wife with his Friend in Bed.
He shoots his Friend.
Wife says, if you behave like this,

You will lose all your friends.

Not added in resume

A blowjob is the only job in the world
that can’t be included in your resume
despite years of experience
and a number of refrences!

In a bathroom

In a bathroom,
A boy touches a girl’s everywhere!
You Know whose that boy?
Its Lifeboy Soap!
Dirty people always think dirty.

It’s 2 tight

Girl:It’s 2 tight
Boy:Don’t worry,I’ll do it slowly,
Gal:Push it in,
Boy:Ah..I can’t,
Gal:It’s painful,
Boy:Forget it.
We’ll buy new WEDDING RING!

Bus Driver

A little kid walks into a city bus and sits right behind the driver and
starts yelling, “If my dad was a bull and my mom a cow I’d be a little

The Driver Ignored kids noise..

The Kid Continued, Till the Driver Gets Angry and said. “What if your dad was gay and your mom was a

The kid smiles and says, “I would be a bus driver like you!”

He came at night

He came at night,
explored my body,
got on top of me,
touched me,
and bite me, sucked, swalowed,
when he was satisfyed,
he left me,
i was hurt,