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Problem And Challenge

TEACHER: What is the Different
between Problem and Challenge????

3 Boys+ 1 Girl = Problem
1 Boy + 3 Girls = Challenge…

Skin meets skin

Skin meets Skin
When is that
the skin meets skin,
hair meets hair
and balls disappear..
dirty mind
its when
you BLINK your EYES.

Bite the neck gently

Bite the neck gently,
Chew the breast softly,
Spread the legs slowly,
Suck the juice excitingly,
That is the way to eat Tandoori Chicken!!!!

Perfect Couple

75 years old man got married
with a girl of 15.
At first night they both cried….
girl don’t know anything
& the man have forgotten everything

Similarities Between Banking & Having Sex

Question :- What is the Similarities between Banking & Having Sex?
Answer   :- In both cases you will loose interest after withdrawal

Remove my nighty

Wife:-remove my nighty.
Wife:-remove my panty,
Husband:-OK. Wife:-remove my bra,
. . .
. . .
. . .
Wife:-Don’t wear my cloths next time.

Law Of Reverse Dynamics

Law Of Reverse Dynamics:
When A Man Becomes Rich
He Becomes Naughty &
When A Woman Becomes Naughty.
She Becomes Rich…

I want triplets

I want triplets
You want twins.
Lets get in bed and see who wins!…

You are here with me in my room

I really deeply wish dat
You are here with me in my room.
on my bed & lights is off &
we get under the cover together..
to show u my glow in the dark watch.

Thing which carries more weight

Teacher: Name the thing which carries more weight
but has vary less weight.

Student: ur braizer