Birthday sms - Birthday wishes / greetings

Here is a collection of birthday sms, quotes collection. Find cute birthday wishes, greetings and sayings for your friends and family.

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In soft gleaming night of stars

In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all your dreams come true.
May every star of every night,
Bring love and joy to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Birthdays are for fun

Birthdays are for fun
Enjoy a sticky bun
I’m glad you are my mate
Hope your birthdays great.

Happy birthday and be fine

birthday cake

May people always treat you right,
You deserve to have all the happiness.
May your life is always bright,
May you never feel emptiness.
Happy birthday and be fine!

The moon is smiling

happy birthday sms

The moon is smiling,
The stars look happy,
Maybe it’s a special day,
And it’s coming our way,
Oh! It’s your Birthday
Happy Birthday To You!

You have grown a year

you have grown a year

The day is here,
No more fear,
You have grown a year,
Happy Birthday my dear!

Birthday message for a daughter

No Matter How
Many Birthdays
Come And Go,
You’ll Always
Be My Little Girl.
Happy Birthday Daughter.

Happy Birthday my sweetheart !

Its just another day,
but this one is the best of the year!
Happy Birthday my sweetheart !

Have a Lovely “BirthDay”

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
from Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
at a Lovely Time
from a Lovely Mind
in a Lovely Mood
in a Lovely Style
to wish you
Have a Lovely “BirthDay” !

The special day returns

The special day returns,
And I’m here to wish you,
My sweetest friend of all,
Happy birthday to you!

May life lead you 2 great happiness

May life lead you 2 great happiness
success and hope dat
all your wishes comes true!
Wish you a Very Happy Birthday !
enjoy your day