Broken Heart sms - Broken Heart quotes

Here is a a collection of broken heart sms, broken heart text messages, quotes.

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Why did you break my heart

my life became weaker,
ur sms was sweeter,
my lover is no more ever,
sadness filled again for ever,
why did u break me? my dear lover.

Come to me I’m Your Rose

pain you put me through,
is like a knife inside my heart,
why you loved someone else?
why you chose her hand?
now I’m alone, crying and waiting,
for something that never happen,
Still I have a drop of hope,
come to me I’m your rose.

If you broke heart of anyone

If you broke heart of anyone.
one day your own heart will
broke someone.
Then you know the pain of
broken heart.

Loved one’s are medicines

Loved one’s are medicines
4 any kind of wound in the world.
But there’s no medicine in the world
4 a wound given by loved one’s.

Four things not to be broken

Never break four things in your life:
Trust ..
Promise ..
Relation ..
Heart ..
because when they r broken they don’t make noise
but pains a lot ..

Effect of loving or hating persons

Loving hundred wrong persons
may not effect your life,
hating one right person,
will leave you a broken heart,
throughout your life…

Healing sadness

Forget a love that was not intended,
Forget the harm and sorrow.
Your broken heart needs some healing.
In sadness you should not wallow.

leave me sad as i like

live happy as u like
leave me sad as i like
never msg me as u like
i cannot reply when ever u like

heart vendor

ur words r making thunder
ur love is making a wonder
my love for u is tender
meeting u is seven wonder
miss u not im ur heart vendor

Time to Shine

A broken heart is a broken glass,
Before it can feel a lot of time must pass,
The scars are deep and they linger for a long time,
But soon the time will come for your heart to shine.