Broken Heart sms - Broken Heart quotes

Here is a a collection of broken heart sms, broken heart text messages, quotes.

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Now I live in that memories

The best story of my past…
Is when I was in your arms.
Though now I live in that memories in my head..
You are also still always in my heart.
And I want you to know
that I am also still so in love with you

Don’t leave me

my inbox is empty,
my heart is now dummy,
now ur love is not 4 me,
ur care say bye 4 me,
pls my love, don’t leave me.


L – loss of money
O – out of mind
V – vaste of time
E – end of life

fake love ends the life

success is not the end of failure
failure is not the end of journey
journey is not the end of care
fake love ends the life of everything

Difference between promises & memories

Best difference between PROMISES and MEMORIES…
PROMISE: we break them..
MEMORIES: they break us

girls have a strong heart

girls have a strong heart
boys have broken heart
never love any girl’s heart
when u love they break ur heart

Healing a Broken Heart

A broken heart can heel,
Again and again, it will always feel,
And when it finally comes the end,
A broken heart will always find a way to mend.
It will love again.


what can i say??
I’ve done lots of things wrong
We both have had bad days since we’ve broken up
I want to say for all the universe that i still love you
u’r my only true love I don’t want to leave you
You’re an angel that I broke her wing
Please let me fix it for you and then go away if you want

If tomorrow never comes…

If My tomorrow never comes
‘I M sorry’ for all the Th¡ngs ¡ might have Sa¡d
‘I M sorry’ for all the Th¡ngs ¡ did Or didn’t Do
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever ¡gnored you
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever made you feel bad Or put you down
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever thought ¡ was bigger Or better than you
‘I M sorry’ for everything wrong ¡ have ever done
I M Wr¡t¡ng Th¡s becoz ¡f My tomorrow never comes?
If I never get A chance To say sorry then I m sorry.. .. .. .. ..

A passionate smokers quote

Heart breaking line by a smoker
“I trust on a cigarette more than a girl
because it can afford to damage my lungs,
not my heart!!”