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Here is a a collection of broken heart sms, broken heart text messages, quotes.

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Love does not exist for real

boy alone with a bicycle

Somewhere I went wrong and cannot heal,
I live in a mess and I made it.
Yes, love does not exist for real,
Because we cannot create it again.

Your are very close to my heart…

Distance between two hearts may give pain
& Disturb our heart,
but that give us a chance to realize,
how much they are close to our heart…

Difference between 1st love and rest

The only difference between
the first and the last love is
the word “TRUE”…..

What is LOVE means?

L for Land of sorrow.
O for Ocean of tears.
V for Velley of death.
E for End of life

Eyes to Heart!

Heart told eyes:
“See less because yOu will see & I will suffer a lOt.”
Then eyes replied:
Feel less because yOu will feel & I will cry a lOt…

If tomorrow never comes…

If My tomorrow never comes
‘I M sorry’ for all the Th¡ngs ¡ might have Sa¡d
‘I M sorry’ for all the Th¡ngs ¡ did Or didn’t Do
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever ¡gnored you
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever made you feel bad Or put you down
‘I M sorry’ ¡f ¡ ever thought ¡ was bigger Or better than you
‘I M sorry’ for everything wrong ¡ have ever done
I M Wr¡t¡ng Th¡s becoz ¡f My tomorrow never comes?
If I never get A chance To say sorry then I m sorry.. .. .. .. ..

I have been replaced

I have tried to move on
but with every guy
I feel more & more
like I’ll never be able to replace u.
And the sad thing is…
I know I have already been replaced

No one is afraid

no one’s afraid of heights
they are afraid of falling
no one’s afraid of swimming
they are afraid of drowning
no one’s afraid of love
they are afraid of REJECTION

Opposite of Two

What is the opposite of Two?
a lonely ME
a lonely YOU

Difference between promises & memories

Best difference between PROMISES and MEMORIES…
PROMISE: we break them..
MEMORIES: they break us