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Effect of loving or hating persons

Loving hundred wrong persons
may not effect your life,
hating one right person,
will leave you a broken heart,
throughout your life…

Someone once asked me

someone once asked me,
“Have you ever fallen in love?”

Then I answered, “Of course, once.”

Then they asked me another question:
“Did it hurt?”

I thought of you and told them
“Yes, very much”.

People always cheated me

People always cheated me,
because I loved them like mad…

Healing a Broken Heart

A broken heart can heel,
Again and again, it will always feel,
And when it finally comes the end,
A broken heart will always find a way to mend.
It will love again.

fake love ends the life

success is not the end of failure
failure is not the end of journey
journey is not the end of care
fake love ends the life of everything

World is cruel, Love is blind

World is cruel, Love is blind,
Lost in sadness, blurr in mind,
Heart is broken, flame had died,
Time has passed but why is he still not mine!

Broken in to Two

I am broken in to two,
My heart already misses you.
How could you just leave?
From my heart you’ll never disappear.

Who left

Once a guy
who recently had a break off with her girlfriend
was asked…….
have u left your girlfriend
she left you???
he smiled and answered ……

Never whisper words of love

Never whisper words of love
if the feeling is not true…
Never share your feeling
if you mean to break a heart…
Never look into my eyes
if all you have to do is lie…
and never say hello if you really mean goodbye…

Time to Shine

A broken heart is a broken glass,
Before it can feel a lot of time must pass,
The scars are deep and they linger for a long time,
But soon the time will come for your heart to shine.