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I see the reflection of someone else

alone boy

The first year:
I look at you and see my reflection in your eyes.
The second year:
I look at you and see the reflection of
Our entire family, our future.
The third year:
I see the reflection of someone else.
It’s amazing how things change so fast.


L – loss of money
O – out of mind
V – vaste of time
E – end of life

Love does not exist for real

boy alone with a bicycle

Somewhere I went wrong and cannot heal,
I live in a mess and I made it.
Yes, love does not exist for real,
Because we cannot create it again.

I thought our love is so strong

When I heard stories about separated couples,
I never thought same will happen to me,
because I thought our love is so strong,
but today it has come to me,
breaking my heart in to thousands of pieces.

girls have a strong heart

girls have a strong heart
boys have broken heart
never love any girl’s heart
when u love they break ur heart

What is LOVE means?

L for Land of sorrow.
O for Ocean of tears.
V for Velley of death.
E for End of life

The Darkest Star

Like the saddest melody on a guitar,
Like the gloomiest sky, and the darkest star,
My heart has been broken in two,
Since it has parted with you.

Four things not to be broken

Never break four things in your life:
Trust ..
Promise ..
Relation ..
Heart ..
because when they r broken they don’t make noise
but pains a lot ..

People always cheated me

People always cheated me,
because I loved them like mad…

Can you hear someone crying

crying girl

Can you see what’s hiding?
Can you feel what’s hard to feel?
Can you hear someone crying?
Someone with wounds that never heal…