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Love Studies

A girl may not help you to get lot of marks
but Marks help you to get lot of girls
so Love your studies not girls.

Brilliant Answers by students

Brilliant answers given by students:

Q. In which battle did Tipu Sultan die..?
A. His last one..!!

Q. How do you stop acid indigestion..?
A. Stop drinkin acid..!!

Q. Where was the declaration of independence signed..?
A. At the bottom of the page.!!

Q. What’s the main reason for divorce..?
A. Marriage..!!!

Interesting confusions

Interesting confusions:
1. Can u cry under water?
2. Do fish ever get thirsty?
3. Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they sleep?
4. What do you call a male lady bird?
5. Why its called building when it’s already built?
6. When they say dog food is new and improved in taste, who tastes it?

7 Things students do during Exams Preparation

7 Things Students Do
During Exams Preparation:
1- Sleeping
2- Eating
3- Texting
4- Watch Movies
5-Chat With Friends
6- Dream Of Touching Books
7- Ask Others
Studied something?

Exam Offer

Exam offer!!!!!!
bring a chit on exam day,
scratch and show it to your nearest “professor”
win free trip to principals office,
and enjoy 3 years vacation at home.

Can I make a call to my wife?

A man in Hell asked Devil:
Can I make a call to my Wife?
After making call he asked how much to pay.
Devil : Nothing, Hell to hell is Free.

Hottest Kiss

Sweetest kiss: on 4head
Loveliest kiss: on cheeks
Most Romantic kiss: on lips
N d hottest kiss:….

on d bike’s silencer after it has run 100 km.

If you need…

If you need advice, text me…
If you need a friend, call me…
If you need me, come to me…
If you need money… ………..

Government is imposing new taxes

Government is imposing new taxes.
Dating Rs.10
Hug Rs.20
Kiss Rs.30
Love Rs.50
But you don’t worry
flirting is still free.

Stages of life..

3 stupid stages of life :
Teenage: hav time & energy but no money
working age: hav money & energy but no time
oldage: hav time n money but no energy!