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Don’t pray for easy lives

Don’t pray for Easy Lives
Pray To Be a Strong Men!
Don’t Pray for Task Equal To your Powers!
Pray for Power Equal To your Tasks!

Success will follow U…

Success is like your own shadow…
If u try to catch them u never succeed.
Ignore it and walk in ur own way.
It will follow U…

Wish you good luck on your exams

Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season,
give your heart a beautiful reason to smile.
C of your life.
Good luck & all the best!

You will be the winner

you will be the winner

I have known you
You are not a quitter,
You’ve always done the best,
Or at least better.
Go ahead and do it,
You will be the winner.
Good Luck!

We must do

Knowing is not enough;
we must apply.
Willing is not enough;
we must do.

Just do the best in exams

You will succeed

you will succeed

You will succeed,
Courage is all you need,
Strengthen your heart,
Just take a start,
I am sending a truck,
Full of good luck.

This is a time to recap

This is a time to recap
on the past years knowledge.
But just remember do it,
in a relaxed unstressful manner,
only in this manner you will be able,
to instruct your subconscious mind
to bring forward the knowledge,
inbedded in your mind.
Just do you share
and God will do His share
to guide you through this Stressful time.
I wish you all the best for the exams
and have enough faith in you
that you will not dissapoint yourself
but be joyfull of the success that are awaiting you.

Examination is a garden

Examination is garden.
success is flower.
god bless you power,
to pluck this flower.


Patience and hard work have a magical effect,
before which difficulties,
disappear and obstacles vanish.
Be a hard worker for your exam.

There is nothing you cannot do

boy playing with ball

You are strong, attractive and smart.
There is nothing you cannot do,
You do perfect everything you start,
Now again you will come through.
Play the game the way you want to play,
You will make it, good luck today!