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exam wishes

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Best wishes for your exam

To accomplish great things,
We must not only act,
But also dream,
Not only plan but also believe,
Best wishes for your exam.

Wish you good luck on your exams

Meaning of some colors,
Yellow for special friend,
white for peace,
orange for luck,
black for hate,
red for love and
pink for likeness,
So i choose for you Orange Flower.
to Wish you good luck on your exams.

Honest Smile

An honest smile,
smiled from a smiling heart,
crossing miles apart,
has just reached ur inbox to wish u a day full of smiles & happiness.
Good luck!

Difficulties do not come to destroy you

Difficulties do not come 2 destroy U,
bt 2 help U realize ur hidden power.
Good Luck!

The day is coming specially for you

girl near window

The sun is rising up to tell you hi,
The day is coming specially for you,
The birds started flying in the sky,
To sing and be there for you too,
I am texting you to do the same,
Wish You Best of Luck today.

Shoulder to Shoulder with Luck

Have the best of luck in everything you do,
I wish that everything you wish for turns out great for you.
May luck be your best friend,
That will stand shoulder to shoulder with you till the end.

Good Luck to You

I wish you all the luck in the world,
As you are trying to make your dreams come true,
I wish you the best of luck,
In everything you will ever do.

A Wonderful Friend

Good luck is a wonderful friend.
And I sent her over to your place.
You’ll recognize her easily,
as soon as a smile appears on your face.
Good luck!

You will surely pass the test

you will surely pass the test

Work hard and you will surely achieve success.
Don’t compare yourself to others.
Just do your best.
Work towards your goals and leave the rest.
If you are ambitious about what you want,
Then you will surely pass the test!
Good Luck!

We must do

Knowing is not enough;
we must apply.
Willing is not enough;
we must do.

Just do the best in exams