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Good Morning SMS

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Cute good morning SMS text messages, quotes collection. Find good morning wishes, greetings for your friends and family. Wish your loved ones with these cute messages.

Romantic Good Morning SMS | Funny Good Morning SMS

I love every morning of every day Because my day starts with the thought of you You make me feel better in every way Whether I see you or hear from you. I wish you have a good morning – exciting and bright And thanks for being there for me and giving me delight!

You can’t miss the sky changing its color, You can’t miss the dew floating on delicate petals, You can’t miss the freshness in the clean air, You can’t miss the gardener working with care, There’s so much more to miss if you miss the morning, Don’t miss the morning. Good Morning!

Smile bright like the sun, That has made its way up high into the sky. Get up and go out for a morning run, It’s time to get up and start the new day. Before you put your phone back on the side table let me just say, Good Morning!

Good morning my princess, You are the reason why the World around me is sane, Queen of my castle, The only place where my heart go, Where I would find true love! I will gladly spend the rest of my life in your arms of love. Good morning my love!

You are my rainbow, You brighten up my day. And I bless the moment, When god brought you in to my life, You made my love. As the day go on our love grow more deeper, May we be as one in our hearts. May our love always bring us to our dreams, And keep us together. Good morning my one and only!