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Good nights sms, quotes collection. Say good night to your loved ones with these cute good night messages.

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I’m whispering
coz i dont want you to wake you up.
You’ll probably read this tomorrow,
but anyway, I want you to know – I kissed you good night!

Days may end without

TAlking to you
Days May End Widout Seeing  you
Days May End Widout Msging U
The Day Never Ends Widout Remembring U
~ Good Night ~ =]

Good Night My Sweetheart

Good Night My Sweetheart

One day there will be you on my bed.
One day I will be smelling your sweet scent throughout the night.
One day you will be there to cuddle instead of teddy.
One day you will kiss me before my eyes close.
One day all this will come true,
That day we will be ours in lifetime through…
Good Night My sweetheart.
I Love You.


Ending my day without saying goodnight is emptiness inside,
so before i go to sleep im wishing u good night
w/a blown kiss 2 keep u warm till the morning light.

A simple Good Night

A simple Good Night
becomes a special greeting
when it is heartily given,
by someone so dear.
You have given me,
a wonderful meaning.
Good Night!

Night is a good opportunity

Night is a good opportunity
2 love
2 care
2 sleep
and to thank all the blessings we received
Good Night and Sweet Dreams!!!

Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight

Let the most beautiful
dream come to u tonight,

Let the sweetest person
come in ur dream tonight….

But dont make it a habit
bcoz I m not free every night.


My day be hectic

My day may be hectic.
My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end
without saying
good night. Sweet dreams!

Sun Is Switched Off!

Sun Is Switched Off!
Stars Are Switched On!
Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In!
So A Cool Night Is Coming!
Go To Bed! And Sleep Well

I’m here to wish U GoodNight!

As night falls upon the land,
it is time 2 Zz again.

With the moon hangin in the starlit sky,
i’m here to wish U GoodNight!