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If u r safe, SMS me immediately

Where r u?
U r u not replying?
I m worried coz todays paper
I read that due 2 thunder a monkey
has been severely injured.
So if u r safe, SMS me immediately.

Need more care

Sometimes, my mind asks.
Why I miss you? Why I care for you?
Why I remember you? Why I text you?
Then my heart answered,
Mongoloids need more care!

Help me!!!

I m at police station.
The police caught me and filed a case against me of
Need some ugly MOnkey 2 bail me out ,
Where r u?

If I need a brain transplantation

If I need a brain transplantation
I will prefer your brain.
Don’t think you are a genious.
I just wanted a brain
which is never been used before!

3 ways to break da mirror

In 3 ways u can break d mirror

1.throw stone at da mirror

2. throw da mirror on da floor.

3. stand in front of da mirror and smile by showing ur teeth

I have lots of jokes in my inbox

I have lots of jokes in my inbox,
But I can’t send you all of them,
It will take a lot of time,
So I’m sending you just 1 joke
“You are so beautiful”

Difference between ‘U’ and ‘I’

What is the difference between ‘U’ and ‘I’…
‘U’ is a curved line and ‘I’ is a straight line…

Next 10 years

I can’t talk to you right now;
tell me,
where will you be in the next 10 years?


Lauhging is best medison ,
so laugh ,
loudly ,
more loudly,
loudly loudly,
congrats u have won free entry to,
mental hospital

All Love You

Birds love you,
Monkeys love you,
Hippos love you,
Snakes love you,
Tortoise love you,
Giraffe loves you…..
Please go back to ZOO,
they all really miss you!