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Friends are like fish

Friends are like fish.
U have to sit patiently for a long time
to catch a good one.
Just like I caught u.
so better stay nice otherwise
I will FRY YOU

someday you may

Someday u may lose ur hair
u may lose ur teeth
ur money & even lose ur mind
But 1 thing u will never loose
is ur good looks
coz u cant lose what u don’t have!

Hottest Kiss

Sweetest kiss: on 4head
Loveliest kiss: on cheeks
Most Romantic kiss: on lips
N d hottest kiss:….

on d bike’s silencer after it has run 100 km.

I Think of You

In the morning I do not eat
because I think of you,
at noon I do not eat
because I think of you,
in the evening I do not eat
because I think of you,
at night I do not sleep
because I am hungry.

Turn your phone…

Please turn your
mobile phone up side down now

Laughing is the best medicine

Laughing is the best the medicine.
if you are laughing without a reason,
you need medicine.

Monkey’s Language

ku kata ka ka ku ku ke ki ki ka ga ga gi gu kaka ki ki ki ka…
U have successfully learnt the monkeys language.
Come to Collect ur banana.

All Love You

Birds love you,
Monkeys love you,
Hippos love you,
Snakes love you,
Tortoise love you,
Giraffe loves you…..
Please go back to ZOO,
they all really miss you!

abcd…..& U

A-u r attractive,
B- u r best,
C- u r cute,
D-u r dear,
E-u r excellent,
F- u r funny,
G-u r great,
H-he he he,
I-i am,

Help me!!!

I m at police station.
The police caught me and filed a case against me of
Need some ugly MOnkey 2 bail me out ,
Where r u?