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Do today

One of da very true & greatest Illusions of Life is that,
We always believe,
there is more time in tomorrow than today.

Life Is the Greatest Gift

Life is precious,
So hold it tightly,
Life is the greatest gift,
So don’t take it lightly.
Learn to love and forgive,
Life is there to learn how to live.

Never Give Up Trying

Life is a puzzle in the colors you choose,
It is a lottery;
sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose.
A tear will fall, many times your heart will break,
But you should never give up trying,
Because life is yours to take.

Keep Your Spirit Up High

Whenever times are tough,
And you feel your heart will break,
Keep your spirit up high,
Because this is something no one will be able to take.

Life is a miracle

Life is a miracle,
It is a gift that has no price,
It is the most beautiful gift,
That is tempting, joyous, and nice.

Like an angel you’ll learn to fall

Life will bring you down,
Like an angel you’ll learn to fall.
But never in the world,
Should this make you feel small.

Realise Real Lies

GOD has given us
Think twice and act wise.

love changes its ways and living

paper changes its size and quality
but basic material is tree.
love changes its ways and living
but basic material is true loving heart

Life Is Heard

When I hear someone say
“life is heard”
I am tempted to ask
“compared to what”

love only one time

love has a magic time
love only one time
rest will be sweet time
loving too many time
result will be always sad time