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Brighter days are coming

Brighter days are coming

Staring at the dark sky, waiting for a lightning,
A whole crazy world spinning in your mind.
Good and bad emotions cant’s stop fighting,
Looking for what you cannot find.
But know that brighter, better days are coming!
You can be strong and life can be stunning!

Believe in yourself


You could do it yesterday,
You can do it today,
Don’t doubt yourself,
Ignore what they say,
Just believe in yourself,
And you’ll find your way.

Be the first to say Hi

be the first to say Hi

Never judge.
Never hurt.
Never lie.
Be a good person.
And be the first to say Hi

Don’t wait for the moment

dont wait for the moment

Don’t just sit back,
And wait for the moment to take place.
Make the moment happen,
By trying to win the race.

When you feel your mind is empty

when you feel your mind is empty

When you feel your mind is empty,
then feel happy.
You got another chance to build new life,
With new thoughts.

Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself

Believe in yourself.
And you will make it.
Never lie and use unfair means.
Or you will regret it.
Be true to yourself.
And you will achieve it.

Life is full of tension

life is full of tension,
please don’t mention,
God said tension come only when mention
good night

Enjoy Every Sec of LIFE..

Be simple but look stylish
Be tough but look soft
Be tensed but look cool
Be a beginner but look winner.
That’s the way of life
Life has no pause buttons!
Dreams have no expiry date!
Time has no holiday!
Don’t waste a single moment in ur life.
Live it…!

Enjoy every second in ur life

Life is sweet.
love is library.
God is great.
Yesterday is waste.
Today is best.
Tomorrow is taste.
so enjoy every second in ur life…

All Beautiful Things Start From HEART

All Beautiful Things Start From HEART
& All Bad Things Start From MIND…
Never LET The Mind Rule ur Heart …
Let The HEART Rule Your Life…