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May This Valentine

May this Valentine bless us
with the cupid of love
and warmth of romance.
Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

your love shows the way to heart

ur love shows the way to heart
ur care shows the way to happiness
ur direction shows the way to right path
without u im in wrong path

when heart call

love has a miracle,
does not read oracle
love comes when heart calls
live till God’s calls

My love is not a feeling

love is a passion

I think my love is not a feeling but a passion,
because feelings come and go,
but passions are never dying.
I Love You!

love is a ever living heart

love is a ever living heart,
no matter how hard u break it,
so long it will live for more generation.

Tears for love

tears of love

tears for love,
keeps love stronger.
tears for care,
keeps you live longer.
tears for believe,
keeps relationship longer.

love is wonderful gift of care

love is wonderful gift of care,
love is magic of living in one heart,
love is miracle of meeting the best person,
love you always my dear.

If you have love

If you have love,
you don’t need to have anything else,
And if you don’t have it,
it doesn’t matter what else you have

We cannot be together

We cannot be together,
But we’ll never be apart,
For no matter what life brings us,
You are always in my heart.

Tru Love says

A Friends Love says:
If you ever need any thing,
Ill be there.

True Love says:
You will nevr need anything;
I will be there.