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I may not be a ClocK

I MaY Not Be a cLocK
ThaT maY TexT yOu 24hrs a DaY
But My HeArt Will bE LikE a
CloCk ThAt will nOt sToP
CarIng & SayInG U r aLwaYs RemeMbEreD.
Miss U!

I only think of you

I only think of you

Not a week goes by when I don’t think of you.
When I laugh and I cry, I only think of you.
Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you.
When I breathe and I sigh, I only think of you.
Not an hour goes by when I don’t think of you.
When I look into the sky, I only think of you.

You are not with me anymore

Blue sky is still same,
Moon light is still as it was,
But you are not with me anymore,
Missing you so much my love.

I really miss you

It has been a very long time since I have seen you.
Wish we would meet up,
Even if it’s just for a few seconds.
I want you to know that,
I really miss you!

I miss you this time

our life is long time…
we meet for short time…
you will be in my mind at any time…
my hot friend…
I miss u this time…

Missing you is more than I can deal with

Could not express my feelings more clearly,
Could not hold to you dearly,
Now I miss you, there is nothing I can do about it,
This emotion seems more than I can deal with.

Do u know

Do u know,
what i say,
what i think,
what i feel,
U want to know?

Absense is the best presense

Absences is the best presences.
Because if some body is absent
than you miss them &
if you miss them that means
they are present in your heart:-)

Feel u when i miss u

Whenever I miss U,
I won’t luk 4 u in my dreams or try to hear ur voice in ur msgs.
I’ll just put my right hand across my chest & will feel U!


look at the SUN
you c TIME..
look in the HEART
you c LOVE..
look in the EYES
you c LIFE..
look at ur MOBILE
c who’s