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I have not forgotten you

never forget

I don’t send you a text message every day,
to remind you that I am here.
I do it to remind you that I have not forgotten you.

I will never forget our moments together

girl waiting for boy

Do you remember the first time we met?
It was so funny, and crazy, and nice.
I will never forget our moments together.
I pray to God to have them twice.

I am Here for You

When tears run down your face,
And when sorrow sleeps in your head,
Never forget that despite that you are scared,
Just close your eyes, I will always be there.

At the Crossroads

Even though we are at the crossroads,
Please, listen to what my heart says.
I wish that you never forget me,
Even if we go in two opposite ways.

I’ll Always Be Near You

I want you to never forget,
The way we were, the way you felt.
I will always reside in your heart, don’t you fear,
Whenever you need me, I will be near.

Our times went by but we can remember

A walk as strong as walk could have been,
Your smile as beautiful as ever can be.
Our times went by, we had our laughs,
Please don’t forget our valuable past.

Times we had together

Never forget the times we had together.
I have surfed the highest waves of bliss with you

Remembering all our good times and bad ones

Please bear in mind all the trouble we’ve been through,
The good times, the hardships, the places we’ve been to,
I wish that my memory would stay with you forever,
I know I will never forget you!

You are always there in my heart

The Day Was Bad
Because Didn’t See Your Face…
The Classes Were unconcentrative
Because Didn’t Heard Your Voice…
Free Times Were Boring
Because You Weren’t There…
In My Face Smile Wasn’t There
Because Didn’t See Your Smile
Didn’t Miss You,
Because We Miss That Person Whom We Think Is Not With Us…
But You are Always There In My Heart…

every time I want to see you

good night to see u by morning
good morning to see u by noon
good after noon to see u by evening
good evening to see u by night
read again from first,
this means every time I want to see u