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Never abandon old friends

Never abandon old friends.
They are hard 2 replace.
Friendships is like wine:
it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER.
Just like us… i get BETTER, u get OLDER.

When I was a kid

When I was a kid, my mom told me that angels live in heaven…
Now I know that it is not true…
Because if angels live in heaven,

The World is round

The World is round,
We’ll meet again and again..
Whenever we meet I’ll ask you,”How r u?”
Hope you’ll not jumble the words and ask me,”Who r u?”

Someday you’ll 4get about me

Someday you’ll 4get about me,
my name, and my voice,
who I am & who I am 2 you
… But even if you 4get about me,
I just wan u to know…
I’ll never 4get you…

The day I met you

Once Upon a Time,
Something happened to me.
It was the sweetest thing that ever could be.
It was a fantasy, a dream come true,
it was the day I met you.

Some dearer people

What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness
that we feel when we meet them
but the emptiness we feel
when they are not around us.

Can’t Stop

I don’t know what to do,
I kept imagining you.
I should be dreaming,
quietly sleeping,
but my mind won’t stop thinking about you

I have not forgotten you

never forget

I don’t send you a text message every day,
to remind you that I am here.
I do it to remind you that I have not forgotten you.

my promise of friendship won’t be broken

I may have forgotten to say that I care.
I may have failed to open up and share,
but though no words have been spoken,
my promise of friendship won’t be broken.


Sometimes I forget 2 say hi,
Sometimes I forget to reply,
Sometimes my msg doesn reach u,
but it doesn’t mean I forget u.
I’m just giving u time to Miss me…