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Times we had together

Never forget the times we had together.
I have surfed the highest waves of bliss with you

Some dearer people

What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness
that we feel when we meet them
but the emptiness we feel
when they are not around us.

When I was a kid

When I was a kid, my mom told me that angels live in heaven…
Now I know that it is not true…
Because if angels live in heaven,

Our times went by but we can remember

A walk as strong as walk could have been,
Your smile as beautiful as ever can be.
Our times went by, we had our laughs,
Please don’t forget our valuable past.

When things go wrong

When things go wrong…
When sadness fills ur heart…
When tears flow in ur eyes…
Always remember 3 things
1) I’m with u…
2) Still with u…
3) Will ALWAYS b…
bcoz I am in love with you

Caring is a gift

Caring is a gift that no one can buy.
It’s made up of love,
that roots in our hearts & creates memories
not just for a while but 4 a lifetime……..

Remembering all our good times and bad ones

Please bear in mind all the trouble we’ve been through,
The good times, the hardships, the places we’ve been to,
I wish that my memory would stay with you forever,
I know I will never forget you!

I’ll Always Be Near You

I want you to never forget,
The way we were, the way you felt.
I will always reside in your heart, don’t you fear,
Whenever you need me, I will be near.

U are Living in my Heart…

Wherever I Go,
I can Feel you…
Whatever I See,
I can See you…
Whatever I hear,
I can hear Ur Voice…
Whatever I Do,
I Feel Ur Presence In Me…
Even though you are Miles apart from me,
U are Living within me dear…

The World is round

The World is round,
We’ll meet again and again..
Whenever we meet I’ll ask you,”How r u?”
Hope you’ll not jumble the words and ask me,”Who r u?”