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You Are Not Alone

Never say ur happy when ur sad ,
Never say ur fine when ur not ok ,
Never say u feel good when u feel bad,
And never say ur alone when I’m still alive…

You are always there in my heart

The Day Was Bad
Because Didn’t See Your Face…
The Classes Were unconcentrative
Because Didn’t Heard Your Voice…
Free Times Were Boring
Because You Weren’t There…
In My Face Smile Wasn’t There
Because Didn’t See Your Smile
Didn’t Miss You,
Because We Miss That Person Whom We Think Is Not With Us…
But You are Always There In My Heart…

I am Here for You

When tears run down your face,
And when sorrow sleeps in your head,
Never forget that despite that you are scared,
Just close your eyes, I will always be there.


1. Never hate..
2. Don’t worry…
3. Live simple…
4. Expect a little…
5. Give a lot…
6. Always smile…
7. Have a person like me who always remember you …

Remembering all our good times and bad ones

Please bear in mind all the trouble we’ve been through,
The good times, the hardships, the places we’ve been to,
I wish that my memory would stay with you forever,
I know I will never forget you!

Can’t Forget You

In My Life I learned
How to Love,
to Smile,
to be Happy,
to be Strong,
to Work Hard,
to be Honest,
to be Faithful,
to Forgive.
But I couldn’t learn
How to Stop

Can’t Stop

I don’t know what to do,
I kept imagining you.
I should be dreaming,
quietly sleeping,
but my mind won’t stop thinking about you

I’ll Always Be Near You

I want you to never forget,
The way we were, the way you felt.
I will always reside in your heart, don’t you fear,
Whenever you need me, I will be near.

When things go wrong

When things go wrong…
When sadness fills ur heart…
When tears flow in ur eyes…
Always remember 3 things
1) I’m with u…
2) Still with u…
3) Will ALWAYS b…
bcoz I am in love with you

People live people die

People live People die
People Laugh People Cry
Some give up Some will try
Some say hi Some say bye
Others may forget you but never will I.