New Year sms - new year wishes, greetings, quotes

New year sms wishes, greetings, quotes collection. Be the first to wish your friends and family in the new year 2017.

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Enjoy every movement of ur life

life is a one way road,
we can see back…
But, we can’t go back,
so don’t miss anything.
*Enjoy every movement of your life*…
Wish you happy new year!

My very special friend

Hi , My Very Special Friend..I pray you lay in rest,
God bless you always & may New Year 2014,
Bring you a lot of Love & Happiness.

Forget the past and enjoy the present

Forget the past and enjoy the present,
as this New Year brings happiness,
success and prosperity to be realized in the future.
Wish You a Happy New Year!

Before this year ends

Before this year ends,
let me thank,
all the good people,
like you who made,
this year beautiful for me.
I pray you blessed with faithful years ahead!
Happy New Year.

In the new Year

In the new Year,
may God would be your Best Friend,
He Loves you Deeper,
always Bless on You,
Always Guide You & Carry you…
Happy New Year.

I wish a wish for you

I Wish a wish for You Dear…
Sending you Big bunch of Wishes
from the Heart close to where…
Wish you a Very Happy New Year..

New year wish for friend

New year wish for friend

May your new year be full with success.
You are my best friend, always reliable and polite.
May your life get even better, having all the best.
May you always feel love, happiness and delight.
Wish you a Happy New Year!

May all the happiness be for you

new year fire works

May light be always on your way,
May scent of flowers follow you,
May full of good emotions be your day,
May all the happiness be for you.
I wish you a happy new year!

Just as a new bloom flower

Just as a new bloom flower,
Spreads fragrance and freshness around.
May the new year,
add a new beauty and freshness into your  life.
Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from da deepest of my heart

No formalities…..
No artificial wishes…
no creative words…
just from da deepest of my heart….
happy new year