exam wishes

Exam wishes sms, quotes collection. Wish good luck for exam to your friends and loved ones.

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I wish for your victory

As you march towards the mission,
I wish for your victory.
As you plunge into a deep trance of hard work,
May you finish successfully.
Good Luck!

A Little Rest

You prepared well,
You know it all right,
Just relax over the night.
Morning will come and so will the test
Don’t you worry; you just need a little rest.

Sharp Mind

In the evening, I hope you will set the alarm,
Get up on time, and bring your lucky charm.
I hope destiny will tomorrow be kind,
But I know that all you need is your sharp mind.
No lucky charms and no magical spell,
Your knowledge will help you do everything well.

Fear Will Have to Wait

Sweaty palms, shaky hands,
A hope that the exam soon ends.
Butterflies in your stomach, this you cannot bear,
But know that we have all been there.
Let the fear wait,
Because you’ll do your tests great!

Don’t worry you’ll learn it all

Don’t worry; you’ll learn it all,
Don’t fear; don’t let your spirit fall,
Believe in yourself, and in what you know,
And tomorrow on your exams your knowledge will show.
Wish you Best of Luck for your exam!

A Successful Day

I wish that every second you spend studying,
Tomorrow gives you great results, and you pass your exams.
I hope that you have a successful day tomorrow,
And everything goes according to plans.

Passing the exam is a great start!

Study hard, so everyone knows,
That you can be the one who really shows,
That exams are not difficult,
Neither are hard.
Good Luck for your exam!

Deal with this exam is a small problem

This exam does not mean the end of the world,
Trust me, there are worse things that I’ve heard about,
people dealt with those, too.
Pass the exam, and you’ll understand soon.
Good Luck with your exam!

Good Luck for the Exams

80% Of The Final Exam Will Be Based On,
The One Lecture You Missed.
And The One Topic You Didn’t Read.
Good Luck for the Exams.

This is a time to recap

This is a time to recap
on the past years knowledge.
But just remember do it,
in a relaxed unstressful manner,
only in this manner you will be able,
to instruct your subconscious mind
to bring forward the knowledge,
inbedded in your mind.
Just do you share
and God will do His share
to guide you through this Stressful time.
I wish you all the best for the exams
and have enough faith in you
that you will not dissapoint yourself
but be joyfull of the success that are awaiting you.