Get well soon sms wishes - greetings, quotes

Get well soon sms text messages collection. Find get well soon wishes, greetings. If you have a sick friend send these sms to wish get well soon

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Hope You Are Better

Are you better now?
You are bit better I bet.
Hope you’re going to be all right by the end of the week,
Because it is bad when you are sick.

Back on Your Feet

I want you to feel better,
And that your recovery is complete,
And I am right beside you,
To help you get back on your feet.

Get Well Basket

Although you have not asked,
I made you a little get-well basket.
Open the basket and see what you’ve got,
Support, love, and compassion straight from my heart.
It is not edible, but it means a lot.

until you feel great

Let all the bad be left behind,
Let joy erase everything unkind,
Let your body and soul heal,
I wish that you feel better and better,
until you feel great.

The Sun and the Moon

I think about you all the time, I care,
And I wholeheartedly wish for your welfare.
When you look at the Sun and see its rays,
Know that with you are all of my prayers.
When you go to sleep and look at the Moon,
Know that I wish you get well really soon.

Be strong and be brave

I am thinking about the problems you have,
Trusting that you will be strong and be brave.
All your problems will be resolved and be cleared,
Get well soon!

Strength and Courage

May you have the courage
and strength to defeat this illness.
Get well soon!

Hoping you will shine again

I hope that you will strive in health after this,
I know how an attenuating a real pain is.
Hope you get better, hope to see you soon,
Hope you will shine again under the new moon.

Begin with greatness

God heard your sadness,
blessed you with happiness,
let you life shine with loveliness,
new life begin with greatness

Let’s go, Get Up, Stop faking it

Let’s go, Get Up, Stop faking it;
Get your sorry behind off that bed.
Try positive thinking to get back to work.
Your illness is all in Your Head!
At least that’s what we hope.
Looking forward to Your Return…