Anniversary sms - Quotes

Here is a collection of anniversary sms text messages, quotes. Find wedding, anniversary sms wishes and greetings.

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Today is the best day for me

couple hug

I remember the first time we met.
Today is the best day for me.
I want to keep you happy,
Because without you I can’t breathe.
Happy anniversary!

I will always love you

couple in sunset

I have always loved you,
And I will always love no matter how long,
God would want us to be together.
I will be always with you here.
Happy anniversary my dear!

A Special Day

One special day in a year
With you next to me I have no fear,
I want you to know that you are special for me,
That’s all I want you to see.

Cannot Hide My Love

It has been so long,
With you nothing is wrong,
With you by my side,
My love I cannot hide.

We will catch forever

It has been a year,
With you right here,
Many more years will pass by,
We can catch forever, if only we try.

The Day When We Met

This is the day when we first met,
The most beautiful day I will never forget,
The happiest day that I first saw your eyes,
The day that the light came into my life,
And replaced all the dark.

The Walk with You

Your love is adrenalin;
it feels like driving the fastest car,
Walking together,
there are so many steps behind us, we have come far.
The road has brought us to a place,
where we love and understand each other without a talk.
With every next year,
and a new step behinds us, I love to walk with you.

Your Love Is Forever

I unselfishly give you the best years of my life,
You are my joy, my friend, and my wife.
In your arms is where I hope I’ll find every new dawn,
And I hope your love will be with me forever and on.

Timeless Love

You are still my only, my best.
It will always be you, then everything else.
Despite that so many years have passed,
You remain my future, my present, and my past.

A love that stays and never dies

We watched the sun rise a million times,
We had our conflicts, had our lies
But I think we know that beneath lies
A love that stays and never dies.
Happy Anniversary, Dear!