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Love Studies

A girl may not help you to get lot of marks
but Marks help you to get lot of girls
so Love your studies not girls.

Start Studying

100s of years have passed,
millions of tomorrows have come,
but still hope is alive in all students
“Tomorrow i will definitely start studying”

Law of exams

The Law Says
“If U Can’t Convince Them
Then At least Confuse Them”
Do You Know Which Law It Is?
This Is
“Law Of Answering In Examination”


student + dying = STUDYING

Which Paper?

Two friends finishing the paper,
coming out of the exam hall,
having a cool drink and talking.

1st:”dude which paper was it”..?
2nd:”may be maths”
1st:”that means you wrote the paper..??”
2nd:”no. the girl next to me was using a calculator..”

Best caption

one of the best caption
written on a clock in an exam hall..

Silent message

A Thermometer is not the only thing
that gets a ‘DEGREE’ without having a ‘BRAIN’!

A silent message for all students

4 things boys do in the Exam Hall

4 things boys do in the Exam Hall

1. Counting # of Girls
2. Flirting with lady superident
3. Reading the brand name of their pen
4. Thinking of study for at least next exams

Four things Girls do in the Exam Hall either they know or not

1. Write
2. Write
3. Write
4. And just Write…

New Exam Rules

Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of ICL n T20…
Same rules should be applied in Exams!

(1) Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour.
(2) Power Play – No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins.
(3) Cheer Leaders – To Dance After Every Right Answer Written.
(4) Strategic Time-Out – Time For Students For Discussion.
(5) Super Over – Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question

Exam Offer

Exam offer!!!!!!
bring a chit on exam day,
scratch and show it to your nearest “professor”
win free trip to principals office,
and enjoy 3 years vacation at home.