Good morning sms for friend

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Have a cup of coffee and a good morning

Hello, sweet friend of mine,
The sun will be shining for you today.
Everything will be just fine,
Don’t be afraid to go on your way.
Have a cup of coffee and a good morning!
And in your game you will be scoring.

Your wish makes life happy

Day makes life bright,
Love makes life sweet,
Smile makes life sharp,
Friends make life longer,
Your wish makes life happy.

Good morning to all my loving and hating friends!

Good Morning wish for all friends

day is brighter to see all
night is darker to dream all
my heart feels to see you all
will never miss friends you all
good morning to all!

Good morning sms for friend

friendship is like eagle eye,
can scan u from mile of high.
good morning i’m just fine.
your friendship is always mine.

Good Morning friends

mother gives time to live,
lover takes time to live,
friends always share time to live,
good morning friends.