Romantic Good Night sms

A collection of romantic good nights sms messages. Wish your lover a good night in a lovely way with these romantic good night quotes.

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Good night my angel

Sweet dreams my love.
Think happy thoughts, as you fall asleep.
And don’t worry I’ll make you safe.
Good night my angel.

Good Night My Sweetheart

One day there will be you on my bed.
One day I will be smelling your sweet scent throughout the night.
One day you will be there to cuddle instead of teddy.
One day you will kiss me before my eyes close.
One day all this will come true,
That day we will be ours in lifetime through…
Good Night My sweetheart.
I Love You.

Watching over You

You dream about your dreams,
And my dream is you.
As you rest your head,
I will dream about my dream coming true.
My sleepy head, you sleep tight,
And I will watch over you every night.