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heart vendor

ur words r making thunder
ur love is making a wonder
my love for u is tender
meeting u is seven wonder
miss u not im ur heart vendor

Opposite of Two

What is the opposite of Two?
a lonely ME
a lonely YOU

make me some thing

love makes many thing
ur love showed sweet thing
make me some thing
or just kill me for nothing

LOve AnD liFE

Love can mend your life,
love can break your heart..

No LOve LOst No LOve FOUnd

you can keep knocking,
but wont lock me down,
no love lost,
no love found.

You hate me life full

my life was sad full
until u gave me love full
I was sweet n faith full
now u hate me life full

My lover is living now for others

i never give pain to others,
but takes pain of others,
my life lived for others,
my lover is living now for others

My heart will beat saying I LOVE YOU

my life had little sweet with u,
now sadness filled without u,
my love will wait even without u
my heart will beat saying I LOVE YOU

Why did you break my heart

my life became weaker,
ur sms was sweeter,
my lover is no more ever,
sadness filled again for ever,
why did u break me? my dear lover.

die without dear

when lover is not near,
heart filled with tear,
loneliness gives more fear,
feeling to die without dear