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Forget the times

Forget the times he walked by,
Forget the times he made you cry,

Forget the times he spoke your name,
Remember now your not the same.

Forget the times he held your hand,
Forget the sweet things if you can,

Forget the times & don’t pretend,
Remember now he’s just your friend.

You Can Hide Alot …

You Can Hide Alot …
Behind A SMILE
B r o k e n
H e a r t
S h a t t e r e d
D r e a m s
L o n g i n g
D e s i r e s …

Love hurts when you breakup with someone

Love hurts when you breakup with someone.
Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you
But love hurts the most,
when the person you love
has no idea how you feel.

Difference between 1st love and rest

The only difference between
the first and the last love is
the word “TRUE”…..

If you broke heart of anyone

If you broke heart of anyone.
one day your own heart will
broke someone.
Then you know the pain of
broken heart.

Break my heart destroy my soul

Break my heart
destroy my soul
leave me crying
i’d still love you
i won’t expect you to
love me in return …

Loved one’s are medicines

Loved one’s are medicines
4 any kind of wound in the world.
But there’s no medicine in the world
4 a wound given by loved one’s.

I have been replaced

I have tried to move on
but with every guy
I feel more & more
like I’ll never be able to replace u.
And the sad thing is…
I know I have already been replaced