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True friends are rare to find

True friends are rare to find
True friends are always very kind.
True friends are ornaments so beautiful.
True friends always make us cheerful.
True friends are the work of perfection.
True friends give us right direction.
True friends always shine like moon.
True friends are the greatest boon

Thats U my FRIEND

F:Filed Of Love!
R:Root Of Joy!
I:Island Of GOD!
E:End Of Sorrow!
N:Name Of Hope!
D:Door Of Understanding!
Thats U my FRIEND

my promise of friendship won’t be broken

I may have forgotten to say that I care.
I may have failed to open up and share,
but though no words have been spoken,
my promise of friendship won’t be broken.

True friends stay together

A memory lasts forever,
and never does it die.
True friends stay together
and never say good bye.

a friend like you

I thank God I’m rich not with money
but with people like you.
I may not have the most expensive things
but I’ve got a most precious gem…
a friend like you.

A friend is always welcome

A friend is always welcome …

Early in the morning or late at night.

Time is of no importance …

When it concerns real friendship!!….

Friendship is stronger than Love

A is 1
B is 2
C is 3
Z is 26 then

Friendship is twice stronger than Love…

friend like you

One tree can start a forest,

one smile can start a friendship,

One touch can show you care,

one friend like you can make life worth living for.

True Friends

TFriends r like street lights along the road.

They don’t make the distance any shorter,

but they light up the path

& make the walk worthwhile..

Our Friendship

If ever I sent u a bunch of roses,
I will put 1 fake plastic rose in between,
And make a wish that,
Our friendship should last till the last rose dies….