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Friendship is a mirror

Friendship is a mirror,
that reflects our love, care, support and belief,
to be treasured and cherished,
in all the golden moments that wraps our lives.

One True Friend

You don’t have to worry,
Whether you will be alone in the end,
Because I will always be with you,
As a true friend forever.

Let’s share the friendship

Let’s share good things,
Let’s also share the ones that are bad,
Let’s share the friendship,
We have always had.

Friendship is like elastic

Life is like a stick, it breaks up.
Love is like a bond, it gets loosen.
Friendship is like elastic,
it never breaks up.

Everyone needs you

no one can win over God,
no one can gain over evil,
no one can live without you,
everyone needs you,
so be happy and healthy.

Morning Coffee

I wish to see you right now,
I cannot wait until after,
Because I brought some coffee with me,
My friendship, and a little laughter.

Friendship and Love

Friendship and love,
are hard to tell apart.
Because a friend and a soul mate,
reside inside one heart.

Friendship is like a mirror

friendship is like a mirror,
shows how good or bad you look.
never tell a single word,
but will make you smile every time.

A Helping Hand

A friend is someone
Who is always by your side,
Offering to be your shelter,
Your helping hand, and a guide.

Always be My Best Friend

When it is hard, you make it easier to cope,
When I am sad, you are the one who gives me hope.
When I need a shoulder to cry on, you are sitting right next to me,
You are my best friend, and you will always be.