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Inviting you to start the day

Rise and shine to the crispy rays of the sun,
inviting you to start the day,
with brighter chapters of life to unfold.
Good Morning!

Wings to Fly

Every new day is a new chance to shine,
A new chance to reach the sky.
So, I give you the new day,
Today, the morning will give you the wings to fly.

The New Day

A new day has opened its eyes,
I hope you open your mesmerizing eyes really soon,
Because the new day has reached out its hands,
And it is calling out for you.

Good morning my beautiful one

Good morning my beautiful one,
The sun is up, a new day has begun.
I hope your dreams were as beautiful as your eyes,
As the purple sky, and as the sunrise.

A New Dawn

You woke up so early
Is everything okay?
You are so beautiful in the morning,
Just like the new dawn of a wonderful day.

Your wish makes life happy

Day makes life bright,
Love makes life sweet,
Smile makes life sharp,
Friends make life longer,
Your wish makes life happy.

Good morning to all my loving and hating friends!

A Bright Day

Wake up sleepy head.
The sun is up, everything seems right.
Don’t go back to sleep again,
The day is beautiful and bright.

Good Morning World

Good morning birds, good morning Sun,
Good morning world, dreaming was a lot of fun.
I have to leave my dreams, for now I cannot stay,
I must welcome the morning and go about the new day.

Morning please wait

The dawn is sleepy,
And so am I,
It is still too early,
I’ll wake up out of the second try.
Morning please wait before you call in the sun beams,
It will take just a second more,
to finish dreaming about one who reads this.

A Morning with You

Birds may sing,
The sun may shine,
But nothing is more beautiful,
Than the morning with the love of mine.
Good morning my love!