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abcd…..& U

A-u r attractive,
B- u r best,
C- u r cute,
D-u r dear,
E-u r excellent,
F- u r funny,
G-u r great,
H-he he he,
I-i am,


Lauhging is best medison ,
so laugh ,
loudly ,
more loudly,
loudly loudly,
congrats u have won free entry to,
mental hospital

Thank God!!!

A baby monkey asked his mother Mom,
why r we so ugly???
Mom said,
Thank GOD we look like this,
u should see the person reading this SMS ! ! !

History Continues

Long time ago,
only idiots used to read my SMS.
today, the history continues.

Beauty is not how you look

Beauty is not how you look,
It is not how handsome u r,
It is not ur figure too…
Beauty is the inner self,
so now u go and change ur underwear…

A Crime Story

Five friends lived in a room,named
One day SOMEBODY killed NOBODY
at that time
BRAIN was in the bathroom
MAD  called police
M – Is it police station?
P – Yes, what is the matter?
P – Are you MAD?
M – Yes I’m MAD
P – Don’t you have a BRAIN??
M – BRAIN was in bathroom
P – You FOOL
M – NO sir FOOL is reading this message…!!

Hello I am a virus

Hello I am a virus and
I am entering your brain
right now…..
I will leave,
I can’t find a brain!

The rain makes all things beautiful

The rain makes all things beautiful.
The grass & flowers 2.
If rain makes all things beautiful
why doesn’t it rain on you?

You are a GENIUS

U r genius,
Ur mind is a master piece.
It is divided into left and right.
In the left part nothing is right
and in right part nothing is left.

Friends always be smile

I want to kiss ur lips,
I want to play with ur teeth,
I want to taste ur tongue
don’t get angry friend
I m toothpaste…