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On this day a wonderful person came on earth

birthday cake with a wish

Today is one of my favorite days.
On this day a wonderful person came on earth.
For me you are like the sun rays.
Happy birthday and I Love You!

May your heart never feel cold

birthday gift

May your heart never feel cold,
May your mind be calm and clear,
May all the problems be resolved,
Have faith and send away your fear,
May your loved ones be always near,
Be happy, happy birthday, dear!

All sing Happy Birthday to You

birthday cake rose

Can you smell the flowers in the garden?
Can you feel the warmth of the sun?
Can you hear the birds chirping?
Can you see the clouds on the run?
They have all come to see you,
And sing Happy Birthday To You.
Wish You a Happy Birthday!

Day that makes me happier than my birthday

birthday cake

If there’s a day that makes me happier than my own birthday,
It’s your birthday.
You’re the best and the sweetest,
you’re the cutest and the closest.
Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday for best ever

happy birthday for best ever

I think you are my chocolate,
Or something even sweeter,
Perhaps you’re my muffin,
Or something even better,
Happy Birthday To You!
You’re the best ever…

The moon is smiling

happy birthday sms

The moon is smiling,
The stars look happy,
Maybe it’s a special day,
And it’s coming our way,
Oh! It’s your Birthday
Happy Birthday To You!

The special day returns

The special day returns,
And I’m here to wish you,
My sweetest friend of all,
Happy birthday to you!

This is a special day

There are hundreds of days in the year,
but this is a special day,
because it’s your birthday,
Wish You a Happy Birthday!

A day of surprises

A day of surprises and a day of laughter
that is what this day is all about,
to spread and experience the goodness of joy and bliss.
Wish You a Happy Birthday!

A day filled with merriment

Wish You,
A day filled with love,
A day filled with fun,
A day filled with merriment.
Happy Birthday!