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Time to Shine

A broken heart is a broken glass,
Before it can feel a lot of time must pass,
The scars are deep and they linger for a long time,
But soon the time will come for your heart to shine.

For every sad soul and every broken heart

There will always be a new day, a new start,
For every sad soul and every broken heart.
The rivers of tears on your face will eventually dry,
As long as you don’t lose faith in love,
and give it another try.

Healing a Broken Heart

A broken heart can heel,
Again and again, it will always feel,
And when it finally comes the end,
A broken heart will always find a way to mend.
It will love again.

In the present I tend to forget

If I would bring back the time, I wouldn’t change anything,
I’d just enjoy the moment, the moment I’m living,
Because in the present I tend to forget,
All the wonderful times that you and I had.

Healing sadness

Forget a love that was not intended,
Forget the harm and sorrow.
Your broken heart needs some healing.
In sadness you should not wallow.

People always cheated me

People always cheated me,
because I loved them like mad…

Effect of loving or hating persons

Loving hundred wrong persons
may not effect your life,
hating one right person,
will leave you a broken heart,
throughout your life…

Don’t leave me

my inbox is empty,
my heart is now dummy,
now ur love is not 4 me,
ur care say bye 4 me,
pls my love, don’t leave me.

can fly for you beyond a plane

separation is worst pain
makes u live in vain
love is not just plain
can fly 4 u beyond a plane

leave me sad as i like

live happy as u like
leave me sad as i like
never msg me as u like
i cannot reply when ever u like