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Like an angel you’ll learn to fall

Life will bring you down,
Like an angel you’ll learn to fall.
But never in the world,
Should this make you feel small.

Keep Your Spirit Up High

Whenever times are tough,
And you feel your heart will break,
Keep your spirit up high,
Because this is something no one will be able to take.

Life is one big present

Life is one big present,
But to open it your enthusiasm must always be present,
And even if perfection is not what your life may present,
You must not fall behind or get lost in future,
but live in the present.

New Challenges

Remember the last time you did something great,
These are the things that you should never forget,
Because knowing that you once succeeded will give you wings,
And help you live your life fully, conquering new things.


Life is like a magician’s hat or a trick,
You can never know what will happen but you can have a peak,
You are here to enjoy the show, and glitter in the air,
Hoping that the magic will always be there.

Never Give Up Trying

Life is a puzzle in the colors you choose,
It is a lottery;
sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose.
A tear will fall, many times your heart will break,
But you should never give up trying,
Because life is yours to take.

Life Is the Greatest Gift

Life is precious,
So hold it tightly,
Life is the greatest gift,
So don’t take it lightly.
Learn to love and forgive,
Life is there to learn how to live.

be able to get through all the problems

We should be able to get through all the problems,
rather than give up and walking away.

own mistakes

Finding mistakes from others is not a wise way to cover up your own mistakes.

point of hand

I know I’m not perfect.
I can’t pretend to be.
but before you point your finger,
make sure your hands are clean.