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Love is not a fairy tale

love is not a fairy tale

Love is not a fairy tale,
that everything happens as you wish,
It’s about being a part of an another ones life,
in both ups and downs.

You are my valentine

you are my valentine

You are my valentine,
The one who filled my life with endless joy,
Showed me colors I have never seen.
Thank You for loving me,
I’ll be next to you till the end.
Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

How lucky I am to have you

how much lucky i'm to have you

Today reminds me,
How lucky I am to have you.
All the world celebrate Valentine’s Day,
But I celebrate our love day.
Be a part of mine for ever…
Wish You a Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing is Beautiful like You

nothing is beautiful like you

Sun is rising,
Moon is shining,
Stars are shimmering,
But nothing is beautiful like you,
Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!

Make Me Your Only Choice

make me your only choice

Don’t make me your last choice,
Make me your only choice,
Don’t make this our last valentine,
Make this a begin of 100 more valentines.
Be with me for ever…
Wish You a Happy Valentines Day!

You Are My Everything

you are my everything

Today new sun has arise,
The day to let you know my love for you.
Even I tell all day long,
It won’t be enough.
So I’ll just say,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Belong to You Completely

i belongs to you completely

If you ask me what is love,
I will answer you briefly,
It is a feeling I get when you hold my hand,
A feeling that I belong to you completely.

You Are Near

you are near

Love is a smile,
And sometimes a tear.
Love is a soft kiss
And that feeling your loved one is near.

You Cannot Deny Love

you cannot deny love

Love has only four letters,
Yet there are millions words to describe it,
There is a million ways to say yes to love,
And no way to deny it.

Tears for love

tears of love

tears for love,
keeps love stronger.
tears for care,
keeps you live longer.
tears for believe,
keeps relationship longer.