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You Are Near

you are near

Love is a smile,
And sometimes a tear.
Love is a soft kiss
And that feeling your loved one is near.

You Cannot Deny Love

you cannot deny love

Love has only four letters,
Yet there are millions words to describe it,
There is a million ways to say yes to love,
And no way to deny it.

Tears for love

tears of love

tears for love,
keeps love stronger.
tears for care,
keeps you live longer.
tears for believe,
keeps relationship longer.

Golden Stars

Love is a fuel,
That makes love cars.
Love is the magic that fills,
All the hearts under the golden stars.

love is wonderful gift of care

love is wonderful gift of care,
love is magic of living in one heart,
love is miracle of meeting the best person,
love you always my dear.

love may be weaker

your love may be weaker,
but your heart is stronger,
my wish is you live longer,
keep smiling my dear.

Happily Ever After

I love the way you smile,
Love to hear your laughter,
I love loving you because you are
My happily ever after.

You are like nothing I have seen before

I have never felt like this,
I love the way you talk, move, kiss.
You are like nothing I have seen before,
I love you so much my love.

From the Bottom of My Heart

You are the tear of joy in my eye,
You are my blue sky,
I hate when we are apart,
Because I love you from the bottom of my heart.

no one can separate us

love keeps us away from angry,
cry keeps us away from hungry,
smile keeps us away from worry,
no one can separate us so don’t worry.