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Watching over You

You dream about your dreams,
And my dream is you.
As you rest your head,
I will dream about my dream coming true.
My sleepy head, you sleep tight,
And I will watch over you every night.

Let’s fly together

Let’s fly together,
over chocolate lakes,
and ice cream mountains.
Good night!

Stop working, you need some sleep

After the sun stops shining,
And the days that people led,
It’s time to stop working,
And calmly go to bed.
Good night!

day may come to an end

day may come to an end
life may come to an end
universal may come to an end
my love n care 4u never come to an end
good night, take care, love u baby

Great night is tonight

great night is tonight
my dear said no fight
our love has good sight
sleep well good night

Dream Time

morning msz feel me ur mine
noon msz feel me ur fine
evening msz tell its chatting time
night msz feel me vr in dream time
Good Night!

if you message me every day

im really happy today,
ur msz made it a sweet day
if u msz me every day
i never see a sad day
Good Night!

no New year wish from you

new year 1st day came 2 end
no sms from ur end
u did not wish me till this end
any way take care, i will end
Good Night!

My Love don’t fight

life had many sleepless night
never saw u in my sight,
my love is like sunlight
my love don’t fight,
now good night

Life is full of tension

life is full of tension,
please don’t mention,
God said tension come only when mention
good night