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The Dark Blue Sky

I will say good night to you
As you look in the dark blue sky,
I will be here with you always,
So, don’t ever let yourself cry.

moonlight of expectations

As all good things come to an end,
the day wraps up to gift the world,
A new meaning to dawn after clouding the sky,
with the moonlight of expectations.

First Sun Beam

Tonight, when you go to bed,
Close your eyes and lay your head,
Know that I’ll protect you even in your dreams,
Waking up beside you with the first sun beam.

Worries and anxiety to be replaced

Let us set in with the setting sun,
as it takes away worries and anxiety to be replaced,
with belief and confidence for a newer beginning.
Good Night!

The night is the time to dream

The night is the time to dream,
To catch the dream by its hands.
The night will welcome you to land of dreams,
As for the bright tomorrow you make your plans.

Your dreams are knocking on your door

The whole day you were chasing your dreams,
You were celebrating your day,
But your dreams are knocking on your door now,
Telling you that it is time to sleep and drift away.

Blue Night

The night has come,
To turn off the Sun’s light,
The sky is a bed, and clouds are pillows,
The beautiful blue night wishes you good night.

Wishing You Good Night

This night is magical,
The stars sparkle and they are bright,
But nothing is more beautiful than seeing your smile,
That glows in the starlight,
As you listen to my voice wishing you good night.

Peaceful Sleep

I don’t care if the dark does mind,
I will teach it to be kind.
Whenever you are afraid of it, I will bring the Sun,
And I will be here until you and peaceful sleep are one.

The Dreamland

The night is knocking on your door,
You’ll drift away in dreams once more.
Slip into your bed, and hold my hand,
I will walk you to the Dreamland.